General Campaign Terms: Drivers

These are the general terms and conditions that apply to all promotional campaigns or offers run by Bolt for the benefit of Drivers. Please take time to read them before enrolling as they will govern things like:

  • how You will qualify for a promotional campaign/offer;
  • how Bolt will make any associated benefits available to You;
  • how Bolt can discontinue or cancel promotional campaigns/offers;
  • when Bolt can refuse to make promotional campaign/offer benefits available to You.

Unless stated otherwise, all capitalised terms have the same meaning as the Driver Terms and Conditions.

1. When will these General Campaign Terms apply?

  • These terms apply every time You enrol in a promotional offer or campaign made available by Bolt.
  • These terms may be notified to You via e-mail, via the Bolt Driver’s App or by another way Bolt deems appropriate, together with any specific promotional campaign/offer conditions.
  • For you to qualify for a promotional campaign/offer, You must meet all specific conditions attached to a particular campaign/offer and comply with both these General Campaign Terms as well as all applicable Driver Terms and Conditions.

2. How can Bolt suspend or discontinue any promotions campaign/offer?

  • Bolt may suspend any promotional campaign/offer until further notice or discontinue it at any time as long as the below conditions are met:

  • You have not yet satisfied all the specific conditions attached to a particular promotional campaign/offer benefit; and

  • Suspension or discontinuation of a promotional campaign/offer have been notified to You via e-mail, inside Bolt’s Driver’s app, or any other way Bolt deems appropriate.

3. Fraud and other irregularities

  • Bolt may suspend making any benefits associated with promotional campaign/offer available to You pending investigation into potentially fraudulent activity or irregularities.

  • Bolt may immediately and without notice suspend the entire promotional campaign/offer or exclude You from it if any potentially fraudulent activity or other irregularities are identified.

  • Fraudulent activity: any attempts to defraud Bolt platform, other Bolt platform users or any third parties (e.g. payment service providers, payment card issuer, etc.). This may include the generation of fake journeys; unauthorised usage of a payment instrument; pre-arranged journeys, price manipulations etc.

  • Irregularities: any abnormal interactions with the Bolt platform. Among other things, this includes self-orders, multiple successive journeys with the same passenger (device or payment instruments), excessive use of promo-codes, unusual journeys (e.g. excessive journeys that start from the same location or excessive journeys that are abnormally long or short in distance or time); abnormal levels of journeys with payment issues (chargebacks, payment instrument failures, etc.).

4. Promotional campaign/offer benefits

  • Bolt will normally make promotional campaign/offer benefits available to you in the form of Bolt Fee discounts unless specific promotional campaign/offer terms identify otherwise.

  • In case of a Bolt Fee discount - it will be applied towards the next Bolt Fee payment for the applicable reference period immediately following either the end of promotional campaign/offer term or your satisfaction of promotional campaign/offer conditions or any other reference period identified in campaign/offer specific conditions.

  • You must have an active Bolt driver account with valid payment details to receive any Bolt promotional campaign/offer benefits.

  • All promotional campaign/offer benefits are only available once per Driver unless expressly specified otherwise in any specific conditions.

5. Changes to these General Campaign Terms

  • At any time without prior notice, Bolt may amend these General Campaign Terms.

  • Any such General Campaign Term changes will immediately apply towards any promotional campaigns/offers you enrol to.

  • Any such General Campaign Term changes will not apply to any ongoing promotional campaigns/offers you have already been enrolled to at the time of such change.

6. Other important terms and conditions

  • All other aspects of our relationship stemming from Bolt’s promotional campaigns/offer shall be governed by the applicable Driver Terms and Conditions.

  • In case of an inconsistency between Driver Terms and Conditions and these General Campaign Terms - these terms shall prevail.

  • In case of inconsistency between these General Campaign Terms and specific promotional campaign/offer terms and conditions - the latter shall prevail.

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