Bolti tõukeratta platvorm

Kõik, mida pead oma linnas tõukeratta platvormi haldamisest teadma.

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Mis on tõukeratta platvorm

Bolti platvorm pakub kõike, mida vajad oma tõukerattapargi haldamiseks iseseisva tegijana.

Viimased tõukeratta mudelid

Access to the latest scooter models at wholesale prices, equipped with an IoT specially designed for scooter sharing. Brand them your way.

Rakendused ja tarkvara

White-label mobile app for your riders. Back-office software for fleet operations, maintenance, and inventory management.

Konto klienditugi

Materials to help you launch your scooter business, curated best practices, and ongoing support.

Miks kasutada Bolti tõukeratta platvormi?

We’ve got you fully covered. You have the freedom to control, manage and expand your operations in your own unique way.

  • Nähtavus 20 miljoni Bolti kasutaja seas
  • Viimased tõukeratta mudelid hulgimüügi hindadega
  • Proprietary IoT devices with loudspeakers
  • Experienced customer support in local language for riders
  • All the management and operations software you need
  • Payment processing and fraud protection
  • Best practices and account support

Operating your own fleet of e-scooters


Use the deployment software to place your scooters in high-demand areas. Get data on scooter utilisation and usage patterns.


Get reports on your fleet’s health, potential issues on individual scooters, and maintain your fleet at a glance.


Benefit from best-in-class software with optimised collection routes to lower your costs.

How to get started?

Sign up with Bolt Platform and get your scooter fleet on the streets.


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We will help you determine the right tools and approach for your business.



Receive your scooters, get access to the platform, and launch the operations!

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