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Lead the micromobility revolution with your own fleet of scooters, managed via the Bolt Scooter Platform.

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Mi a Bolt Roller felület?

The Bolt Scooter Platform provides entrepreneurs and independent operators everything they need to manage their own fleet of shared e-scooters.

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Branded e-scooters

Access to the latest, wholesale-priced e-scooter models, equipped with IoT boxes specifically designed for scooter sharing.

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App és szoftver

A mobile app for your riders to use. Back-office software for fleet operations, maintenance, and inventory management.

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Fiók támogatás

Minden, amire szükséged van egy roller megosztási üzlet elindításához, támogatási és oktatási programot is beleértve.

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Mire jó a Bolt Roller felület?

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Exposure to 50+ million Bolt users

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The latest scooter models at wholesale prices

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Proprietary IoT devices with loudspeakers

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Tapasztalt helyi ügyfélszolgálat utazásaidhoz

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All the software you need to manage and operate your scooter fleet

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Payment processing and fraud protection

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Best practices and account support

Operate your own fleet of scooters


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Use the deployment software to place your e-scooters in high-demand areas. Get data on scooter utilisation and usage patterns.

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Receive at-a-glance reports of your fleet’s health and potential issues with individual scooters.

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Benefit from best-in-class software with optimised collection routes to lower your costs.

Available Countries

South Korea

Launch your own scooter fleet today

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