Bolt is now available to Google Maps users in Berlin

Oct 11, 2023

Bolt in Berlin

Planning a trip in Berlin has never been more convenient. Bolt, the leading mobility platform in Europe, is now integrated into Google Maps in Berlin, expanding and improving transport options for residents and visitors.

Simplifying transport in Berlin

Bolt is collaborating with Google Maps, bringing seamless trip planning and navigation to the vibrant city of Berlin. 

Google Maps has been a trusted companion of many for over 18 years, helping more than 1 billion people navigate and explore with confidence. 

By accessing Bolt’s ride-hailing service directly in the Google Maps app, Berliners and visitors can now effortlessly plan trips throughout the city. 

This seamless integration not only expands transport options for Google Maps users but also simplifies the process of requesting Bolt rides.

Bolt rides are a few taps away

When Google Maps users in Berlin add a destination, the app displays Bolt as a transport option to get there quickly, safely, and conveniently. 

Users can then easily select Bolt as their preferred mode of transport within the Google Maps app at no additional cost.

This convenient service eliminates the need to switch between apps, streamlining travel planning in the German capital.

Valuable insights

Not only does this integration make booking trips smoother, but it also provides crucial trip information for riders.

Before opting for a Bolt ride, users can see essential details about the ride-hailing service in the Google Maps interface, such as estimated trip duration, cost, and available Bolt vehicle categories.

The integration will help Google Maps users in Berlin make informed decisions about the most efficient way to reach their destination.

Bolt in Berlin

Bolt has been offering transport solutions in Berlin since the summer of 2021.

Berliners can cruise the streets in sustainable scooters and e-bikes, enjoy the comfort of ride-hailing trips, or rent a car on demand with Bolt Drive.

The German capital has been leading the way in pioneering many of our innovative projects.
In June 2022, introducing Bolt’s scooters and e-bikes in Neukölln helped connect up to 27,000 employees with existing public transport infrastructure.

Bolt in Berlin

In August 2022, we announced a pilot project with Swobbee to make charging scooters more efficient and sustainable.

Bolt transport in Berlin

And in 2023, Bolt scooters and e-bikes became available on the mobility app, Jelbi, supporting public transport in Berlin and providing locals with more sustainable mobility options.

Bolt Jelbi public transport

Our 2022 City Vision research revealed that boosting public transport, ride-hailing, and shared micromobility availability could reduce the number of private cars in Berlin by 7% within a few years.

Reducing car dependency would free up 8.2 km2 of public space — equal to 3.5 Tiergarten parks. In 5 years, improved public transport and shared mobility solutions could replace up to 32% of cars — reducing congestion, pollution, and traffic accidents in Berlin.

Download the Bolt app and enjoy fast, safe, and comfortable rides in more than 500 cities worldwide.

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