Introducing the Bolt 5, our fifth generation scooter

Mar 30, 2022

Bolt, the largest scooter operator in Europe, launched its newest scooter model – Bolt 5. The new scooter was designed with a strong focus on safety and sustainability. It offers a better user experience and has several significant hardware features that continue a Bolt scooter legacy of providing the best urban mobility solutions for cities and users. Over the following months, Bolt will introduce 20.000 Bolt 5 scooters in cities across Europe.

Safety first

The new Bolt 5 is designed with safety as a top priority. With slightly curved handlebars and a wider floorboard, the scooter offers a better grip and easy manoeuvring.

The bigger, 12’’ front wheel works together with the hydraulic suspension to help riders negotiate urban obstacles in safer conditions, increasing the level of comfort while riding on most roads and pavements. 

Bolt 5 is equipped with a lot of controlled stopping power. The front electromagnetic brake and a rear drum brake help riders manage speed efficiently and stop the scooter without losing balance.

Bolt’s fifth-generation scooter also has front and back indicator lights. 

High battery capacity, high sustainability

The scooter is equipped with a high capacity swappable battery. The increased battery capacity translates into an increased range of operation of up to 55 kilometres. This means that Bolt 5 is more sustainable and will need fewer battery swaps, which means it will be available to users more of the time.

Bolt 5 is made of 100% recyclable aluminium and has a long lifecycle of up to 60 months. 

Dmitri Pivovarov, VP of Rentals at Bolt said: “Bolt and cities are partners. We have the same goals – we’re looking to provide vehicles and solutions that can be used together with public transport infrastructure. Bolt 5 is the safest and the most durable scooter offered by Bolt so far. It’s a great solution for people who want to move away from private car ownership.”

Comfort for the best user experience

Bolt 5 is equipped with a functional dashboard, providing information about the speed and battery charge levels. It also has a status light indicator showing from afar if a scooter is available and ready for a trip. 

The scooter offers the possibility to charge a smartphone while riding, with the aid of a wireless charging phone holder that can be used to accommodate multiple phone models. 

Performance & software

The scooter’s IoT features real-time vehicle condition monitoring, Bluetooth, vehicle data collection, barrier-free remote communication and dual authentication. There are various alarm features linked to the vehicle’s IoT that issue alerts when the scooter is moved illegally or is knocked down, as well as when the battery is running low. Future IoT features can be introduced in order to adapt the Bolt 5 to other city or user-related requirements. 

Want to try out Bolt 5? Simply download the Bolt app and tap to find your nearest scooter.

And please remember: every time you choose a scooter over a car, you help address air pollution, CO2 emission and congestion and in turn support Bolt’s mission of making our cities better. 

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