Saving lives on 2 wheels: paramedics on Bolt scooters at mass events

Nov 2, 2023

Paramedics on Bolt scooters in Poland

When you imagine mass events, what’s the first thing that pops into your head? We’re willing to bet it’s a sea of people shuffling or standing in place.

Reaching a person in need in these circumstances can be difficult, if not impossible.

That’s why we’re equipping paramedics with Bolt scooters during such events — for better patrol and visitor assistance.

Who are paramedics, and what do they do?

Paramedics, also known as emergency medical technicians (EMTs), are highly trained healthcare professionals who provide emergency help to people.

Their primary focus is assessing, stabilising, and transporting patients to healthcare facilities when necessary.

Paramedics play a vital role in the healthcare system. Their quick thinking, medical expertise, and compassion are essential for saving lives and providing critical care in emergencies. 

Why do paramedics need e-scooters?

Paramedics typically travel in fully-equipped emergency vehicles for fast and efficient assistance.

Mass events — whether music festivals or political rallies — can bring cities to a standstill. The streets can often be overwhelmed by people, which means larger vehicles aren’t a viable option.

This is where e-scooters come into play. 

Scooters let paramedics bypass traffic and crowds and get to their destination faster than by car or ambulance. Plus, they can still transport first aid trauma bags — sometimes weighing over 20 kg.

E-scooters are just as good as larger vehicles for patrolling during large events.

And this isn’t just theory. Rzeszów and Warsaw have already seen it in practice.

First examples of collaboration: Rzeszów, Poland

Rzeszów is the largest city in Southeastern Poland. 

It’s also one of the 100 Mission Cities the European Commission selected to become climate-neutral by 2030.

And the city authorities are looking for new eco-friendly transport solutions to get there. 

Becoming climate-neutral by 2030 requires a change in lifestyle and limiting driving in the city. Only then will we reduce traffic and exhaust fumes in the city centre.

We want our city to be people-friendly, so we’ve partnered with Bolt to use their e-scooters.

Rzeszów’s Vice-President Krystyna Stachowska

Previously, we’ve been providing scooters to visitors of large events.

But in May 2023, we gave scooters to paramedics from Podkarpackie Emergency Medical Center to assist during Juwenalia, a mass student event in Rzeszów.

And we’re proud to share the results.

During the 2-day event, paramedics could safely and quickly monitor the entire venue on Bolt scooters. And where help was needed, they could swiftly reach the accident, carrying their medical bags at all times.

We’ve also received positive feedback from the city officials:

We would like to thank Bolt for providing electric scooters during Juwenalia Rzeszów 2023, organised by Brend Group and the Rzeszów University of Technology. 

Our paramedics used the scooters to take action and efficiently reach injured people on difficult terrain.

Rzeszów’s Vice-President Krystyna Stachowska. 

Being mindful of safety

At Bolt, we believe that accessible micromobility options — including electric scooters and e-bikes — play a crucial role in changing people’s habits and shaping a more sustainable future, which our cities need.

To further drive e-scooter adoption, in addition to building partnerships and relationships with cities, we’re dedicated to creating a safer environment for everyone.

To this end, we’ve developed several industry-leading functions.

These include an exclusive Reckless Rider Score system and the Rider Academy for educating and penalising reckless riders (see the first results here), a safety toolkit with a beginner mode, and much more.

Thanks to this, in 2022, 99.997% of Bolt scooter rides were incident-free.

Moreover, our comprehensive approach to parking and introducing Bolt charging docks in several European cities help guarantee that users know how and where to park.

We’re open to cooperation

Our teams continuously work on bringing the most value to cities and their people.

We’ve already provided our scooters to paramedics on 3 occasions: twice in Rzeszow and once in Warsaw. And we’re open to further collaboration. 

If you’re interested, contact us at

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