On set with Ready to Shoot: How a media production company cut travel costs by 25%

Sep 5, 2022

Camera crew on the set of a film

While producing a feature film for Netflix, Ready to Shoot needed an affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly way of transporting 700 people. 

To achieve this goal, they turned to Bolt Business.

And it was the right decision. The team enjoyed an independent and safe way to get around, and the company cut travel costs by around 25%

Founder and Managing Director Margarida Adónis shared her experience using Bolt Business while working on a feature film. 

Meet media production company, Ready to Shoot

Ready to Shoot is a world-class media production company based in Lisbon, Portugal. 

They’ve worked with many international clients, including Samsung, United Airlines, National Geographic, and Madonna.

In July 2022, Ready to Shoot had another big project: capturing a feature film for Netflix. To help with smooth production, they needed a mobility company ready to meet the travel demands of 700 people.

Arriving on set with Bolt Business

Traditionally, for a project of this size, Ready to Shoot would use taxis, buses, and rent-a-car services — on top of hiring van drivers to transport equipment. 

But Margarida noticed a problem: “I estimated that the need for transportation could be high and the rent-a-car market wouldn’t be sufficient enough to meet my needs.”

Fortunately, there was a simple solution: “Bolt gave independence and safety to each of the 700 team members. We also spent around 25% less than we would have with traditional options, such as taxis and rent-a-car services.”

“And as a media production company that cares about having a low ecological footprint in each one of its projects, Bolt Business made a great difference,” explained Margarida.

During filming, Bolt Business became an essential supporting cast member for several reasons: 

  • A quality service at cost-effective prices;
  • Being able to manage rides, users, and invoices from a single easy-to-use dashboard;
  • The ability to contact a dedicated Account Manager when needed.

Above all of these, Margarida said, was “the fact that each team member can arrange their own transport at the start and end of each working day.”

The big question was whether Bolt Business would be recast for future projects. For Margarida, the answer was clear: “yes, in projects of this scale, we’ll use Bolt Business again.” 

Cut your travel costs with Bolt Business

Ready to Shoot saw its travel costs decrease by around 25% using Bolt Business. And the quality of travel went up as the team felt safer and gained the independence to arrange transport as and when needed. 

Improve your team’s safety on the road while reducing travel costs by signing up with Bolt Business today.

Margarida Adonis, founder of Ready to Shoot

Thanks to Margarida Adónis from Ready to Shoot for contributing to this article.

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