Unlock multiple scooters or e-bikes with a single Bolt account for group rides

Apr 27, 2023

Viajes en grupo para dos

Our new group rides feature will be gradually rolled out across most of our markets and allow users to reserve up to four Bolt e-scooters or e-bikes using a single profile so groups can ride together safely.

Read on to learn why we launched it and how to use it.

The idea behind group rides

Tandem riding remains a pressing safety issue in the scooter industry and is a frequent cause of scooter accidents.

That’s why, from 2022, we’ve gradually rolled out a tandem riding detection feature that raises awareness of the dangers of this kind of riding.

But our customers rightly pointed out that another way to avoid tandem riding would be by letting users unlock several scooters with one account. And we listened!

With this new feature, we’d like to prevent tandem riding, improve the user experience, and promote more sustainable transportation options for short-distance trips.

Making cities people-friendly

When it comes to short distances, a lack of public transport options and not having the Bolt app can leave many people with few alternatives.

But by allowing one user to unlock several e-scooters or e-bikes, we’re helping our users reach their destination together more sustainably without using a private car or ride-hailing service.

Our group rides feature also addresses the first/last mile problem, encouraging users to get to a public transport stop fast and affordably — increasing public transport use as a result.

A safe experience for all

Group rides are fun, but we’d like to remind our users about the importance of safety. To stay safe while riding a scooter, check our ABCs of scooting or visit The Bolt Scooter School.

And when it comes to group rides, some additional rules apply: 

  • The Bolt app profile owner must ensure and confirm all riders are of legal age to ride a scooter or e-bike;
  • Riders must accept and follow Bolt’s terms and conditions and obey traffic rules;
  • We recommend all riders wear a helmet.

The app profile owner can also turn on Beginner Mode for each rider, which limits the vehicle speed to 15 km/h.

Beginner Mode is part of our Safety Toolkit feature that also includes the following elements:

  • Tips for beginners;
  • Reminders about responsible and safe riding;
  • Information on local micromobility regulations.

A closer look at the group rides feature

Once you’re ready to explore the city with your friends, find a scooter or e-bike for each of you. 

Then, the holder of the Bolt app account can unlock the vehicles.

Once the scooters or e-bikes are unlocked, the account owner will see in-app information about each vehicle separately and can manage every ride.

Plus, relevant notifications will be triggered if parking or tandem riding issues occur.

After the ride, the account owner finishes the ride for each vehicle separately — following the same procedure as usual.

It’s easy, convenient, and safe!

So, the next time you’re with friends, try our new group rides feature to move together safely!

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