Feed your team.<0/>Anytime. <0/>Anywhere.

Feed your team.

Work meetings, client visits, events, and kitchen restocks — Bolt Food for business has got you covered.

Why use Bolt Food for business?

Create custom meal allowances for employees

Give some or all team members permission to order from Bolt Food and Bolt Market and charge to the company.

Get complete spend visibility

View every order and download reports from your company’s Bolt Business dashboard.

Choose from thousands of restaurants and stores

Whether it's a team breakfast, client lunch meeting, or a quick afternoon snack — Bolt Food to the rescue!

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for Bolt Food for business?

If you’re an existing Bolt Business customer, simply log in to your Bolt Business dashboard, select Food from the left-hand menu, and click ‘Enable Bolt Food’.

Don't have an account yet? Get started for free here.

Yes, you can assign a separate allowance for rides and food or choose a shared allowance. The choice is yours!

Employees order from their own Bolt Food app, where they can choose the company as the payment method and add expense notes if needed. You can view every order made and download reports from your company’s Bolt Business dashboard.
Our happy customers

Our happy customers

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