Safer journeys with Bolt

Safer journeys with Bolt

Whether you're catching a Bolt car ride or hopping on a scooter or e-bike, rest easy — when it comes to safety, we've got you.

Peace of mind, every time you ride

These innovative features ensure our riders always feel safe and comfortable while riding with Bolt.
Products and features vary by country. Some features listed here may not be available in your app.
24/7 support

Our Support team is always online. Contact them through the Bolt app or via phone.

Women only

A special ride type that allows women to request rides only from female drivers.

Rate your driver

Ratings allow us to review driver behavior and block those who violate our Terms of Service.

Your number stays private

When you make a call via the Bolt app, your phone number remains hidden.

Emergency assist

Quickly and discreetly alert an emergency response team with our in-app Emergency Assist button. This will also notify our Safety team, who will make an immediate welfare call.

Driving shift limits

A consecutive driving hours limit allows drivers to get sufficient rest and always stay fresh and alert at the wheel.

Identity verification

Drivers submit a real-time selfie as part of our identity verification process during registration, as well as on a regular basis.

Share trip details

Send the car's make, model, registration number, and live location to friends or family via a shareable link. All trips are also tracked and recorded.

Comprehensive insurance

Bolt trip protection covers unexpected injuries, medical expenses, and hospital stays.

Staying safe before, during and after your ride

Staying safe before, during and after your ride

  1. Before
    Check that the driver’s face, car make and registration plate match those shown in the app.
  2. During
    Our Share Ride Details and Emergency Assist features allow you to ride without worry.
  3. After
    Rate your driver honestly. Those who repeatedly receive low ratings will be banned.
Safety on two wheels

Safety on two wheels

We’re constantly working on features that ensure you reach your destination quickly and conveniently, but above all — safely.
  • Beginner mode
    We limit your scooter’s speed to 15 km/h, so that your first 5 rides are slow and steady.
  • Cognitive reaction test
    Designed to reduce the number of users that decide to ride our scooters while intoxicated.
  • Tandem riding detection
    A fully-patented feature that detects when more than one person is riding. Preventing this highly-risky activity.

Rider Safety FAQ

We always aim to provide the best possible experience for our riders. Our 24/7 support team is at your service to address any safety concerns you may have and take any necessary steps to improve your safety.

All vehicles must be 4-door, have working seat belts, and have air conditioning. They are also required to be clean and well-maintained inside and out.

Driver ratings are calculated based on a number of factors, including but not limited to the number of stars they receive from riders, the number of complaints filed against them, and their overall driving record.

If you're injured in an accident while riding in Bolt, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. Immediately notify the police and paramedics if necessary and let us know about the situation via the app.

We carry out regular monthly maintenance checks to ensure that our electric scooters and bicycles are always in the best condition. In the event of unusual wear and tear, we instantly suspend the vehicle's availability on our app until further inspection by our team.

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