I have issues with driver score

What is the driver score?

Driver score measures the percentage of good trips you have. Your driver score is calculated based on the last 100 accepted rides that you committed to, regardless of whether they came from inside or outside of your set radius.

What are good and bad trips?

  • Good trip: All trips are considered good by default
  • Bad trip: A trip is considered bad if:
    • Rider cancels the trip as you are not moving toward the pick-up point
    • Rider cancels the trip after you have picked them up due to safety concerns
    • You start the trip before the rider has entered the vehicle
    • You cancel the trip before reaching the pick-up point
    • You cancel the trip after reaching the pick-up point without calling or messaging the rider
    • Rider gives you a 1 or 2-star rating due to cleanliness, conduct or safety concerns
    • Rider raises a concern about health, safety or other similar topic after the trip.

Why is my driver score so low?

Your driver score is recalculated after every 3 accepted trips. To check your current driver score and specific events that affected it, tap on the Driver Score banner in your driver app.

If you have issues with the calculation of your driver score, please contact our Support team via the app.

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