Travelling with pets in Azerbaijan

Choose the Pets category if you wish to travel with your pets. You may bring one animal such as a dog, a cat or any other animal classed as a domestic pet or service animal  in the car with you.

How to properly organise a trip with pets

  • Notify the driver: We recommend that you call your driver to notify them about the size of the animal if it is out of the ordinary, as well as about any specific requirements for the trip.
  • Handler: The pet must be accompanied by a person they trust to reduce the risk of stress for the animal.
  • Hygiene: We highly recommend that you bring the following items to keep the car clean and comfortable for your pet: cage, carrier, bedding, muzzle, wet wipes, etc.
  • Contamination: In case of contamination of the car by an animal, agree with the driver about possible ways to solve the situation. Keep in mind that if your pet leaves waste, excessive hair, or damages the vehicle, you might be charged a cleaning fee.
  • Birds: Transportation of birds is carried out in special carriers/cages, always with a solid bottom.
  • Small and medium pets: Subject to the consent of the driver, transportation of small and medium breeds can be carried out either in the hands of the client, on the back seat that is covered with a bedding/towel, or in the leg-space of the back seat. 
  • Large pets: For transportation of large dogs, a muzzle, a short leash/restraint, and bedding for the back seat are required. 

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