Monthly invoice in Romania is not clear

What is a monthly invoice?

The monthly invoice is a summary of platform fees paid to Bolt for all the completed rides in the previous month.

Where to find monthly invoices?

This invoice is automatically generated and sent to fleet owners within the first three days of the month.

You can also find all invoices in the Invoices tab in the Driver Portal.

What do the invoice elements represent?

The main table:

  • Bolt platform fees for the specified period – our commission taken for all the trips you completed during the period stated, with all commission discounts (i.e. bonuses) applied.
  • Please note that if the discount amount exceeds the platform fees, the exceeded amount will be carried over to the next month and will reduce the future commission.

The information below the main table:

  • Total - the total amount of Bolt commission charged for the specified interval
  • VAT 0% - The amount of VAT from the total amount of the charged commission
  • Total cu VAT (RON) - The total charged value including VAT.

The information from the Transfer Details table:

  • If the value in this table is 0 or N/A, you have no outstanding payments. This is the most common situation, and no further action is required on your part.
  • If the value in this table is not 0, it will be included in the next month's commission calculation. You don't need to make a bank transfer.

Information about withholding tax

According to the double taxation treaty signed between Romania and Estonia, a withholding tax of 2% is made from the amounts invoiced as a commission by Bolt Operations OÜ. This amount must be transferred by the beneficiary of the service (transport operator) to the accounts of the Romanian Treasury by the 25th of the month following the one in which Bolt Operations invoiced the commission.

In this regard, the alternative transport operators in Romania must calculate and declare on a monthly basis through Declaration 100 and pay to the state budget the equivalent of 2% of the total found in the example above.

For example:

  • For income made in February 2023, the declaration and payment of the tax must be made by March 25, 2023.
  • By the end of February of the following year, the tax withheld in Declaration 207 will be declared annually.

Starting with 2023, the amounts corresponding to this tax are covered monthly by Bolt Operations. Bolt retains as final commission a reduced amount equal to 2% of the net commission, which is returned to the alternative transport operators, for the payment of this tax, according to the Convention.

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