I have issues with my balance

To check your current balance and earnings, go to the Earnings view from the main page and choose a suitable time range (daily, weekly, or monthly). Click on Earnings or Expenses to review the detailed information.

If you can’t locate certain balance elements, please review if one of the following applies:

  • Cash trips are not included in the Balance view. To see the sum of in-app payments and cash orders, open the Earnings section.
  • If the trip price is under review, the sum will be added on the day when the review is completed. If the order is under review, there will be no final price in the order history either. Review is usually completed within 1-3 days.
  • Bonuses may be shown in the balance with delay and be added at the end of the qualification period
  • For long-time running bonus campaigns, a bonus amount will be added after the minimal condition is fulfilled and updated after each completed trip. The final sum of a bonus added will be available only at the end of the qualification period.
  • Compensations, if approved, usually are added at the end of the payment cycle.

Please contact our Support team if you have any questions about your balance.

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