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How to register with Bolt Business?

To register with Bolt Business, sign up for a Company Dashboard.

You will need to fill out the details for your company and the account administrator, who will be able to set up accounts for your employees and have full control over spendings.

Information required during the sign-up process

  • Details of the Business account administrator (first and last name, email, phone number)
  • Company’s legal name
  • Country where the company is registered
  • Legal invoice address a company is registered at
  • Number of employees
  • Invoice email where monthly invoices and statements are sent. An invoice email must be unique for each company, i.e. the same email can’t be used by two or more business accounts.
  • Registration code, i.e. the company's official registration code in their country (SIREN in France)
  • VAT code if the company is VAT liable.

When the company account is created, the Business admin will need to choose the method of payment: credit card or postpaid billing. Credit card details will be required only in case the company selects the card as a payment method.

Learn more about Bolt Business products and features by visiting Bolt website.

Issues with signing up

Email address is not accepted

  • Check whether the email address is in the correct format:

    • The email address is in a format xx@xx.xx
    • It does not have the following endings: .care, .app, .bio, .agency, .law, .team
    • It contains only Latin letters (a-z) and digits from 0 to 9
  • If the format is not correct, use another email address

  • If the format is correct, try to insert it manually, do not copy-paste it. Copy-pasting the email address might result in an error.

Note: Make sure that the email address is not already used for another business account. If the email address is correct and is not used by any other account, please reach out to support.

Finishing the billing type setup

Credit card billing

  • If you chose credit card billing, please make sure that you have provided your card details
  • In case your card has been denied, please contact your bank and try again or use another card instead

Postpaid billing

  • If you have chosen postpaid billing, please wait for your payment application to be reviewed by our team
  • Our team will contact you to confirm your application and discuss the credit limit

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