Monthly statements and invoices

By the 3rd day of each month, Bolt sends a monthly statement (or invoice, if applicable to your company) for the previous month to the company’s chosen email address.

The document contains all orders placed within the month in addition to the service fees and discounts. Below you can find more information about:

Accessing and downloading a monthly statement or invoice

  • To view and download all of your statements or invoices, open the Billing tab in your Company Dashboard and click on Statements.
  • The link for downloading the document is also included in the statement/invoice email sent to the recipient at the beginning of the month.
  • If you haven’t received the email, please check if you have provided the correct email as the recipient in your Company Dashboard.

Adding or changing the email recipient(s)

The monthly statement or invoice recipient(s) can be updated or added by opening the list of recipient(s) in the Statements tab under Billing.

Individual ride receipts and CSV reports

  • Individual ride receipts can be found and downloaded in the Rides tab.
  • To download the CSV report (rides.csv), click on the down arrow button in the top right corner of the Rides tab.

The statement or invoice has incorrect data

In case you find that any trips are missing:

  • Please check from the individual trip receipts which payment method was used.
    • If the trips were requested with a personal payment card or another company’s payment method, those ride details can’t be changed after the ride is confirmed.
    • If the trips were paid using the correct business payment method, please contact us from the Support tab.

If any of the other information needs to be corrected on the invoice, please reach out to us through the Support tab so our team can assist you.

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