Managing groups and policies

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Managing groups

With the group feature, you can create, manage and link groups to different employees. It helps you organise people who use Bolt in similar ways at your organisation. By default, all people are in the General group.

Each group can have:

  • A different name
  • Different policies
  • Description
  • Reviewer
  • ID for accounting purposes

Your company’s groups can be managed in the Groups tab in the Company Dashboard.

  • Adding a new group: Click on the Add group button
  • Editing an existing group: Click on the relevant group in the list, make the changes and click on the Update group button
  • Deleting a group: Click on the group you wish to delete, scroll down and click on the Delete button
    • Note: Only empty groups can be deleted.

Please note: It is not possible to delete the General group.

Managing policies

Policies are rules set for a particular user group(s) on how they can use the business payment method. You can manage your company’s policies in the Policies tab in your Company Dashboard.

  • Creating new policies: Click on the Add a policy button

    • Once you’ve named your policy, you can add different rules to it from the list connected to:
      • Expense tracking
      • Spending allowance
      • Number of rides
      • Ride day and time
      • Service type
      • Ride locations
  • To edit an existing policy: Click on the relevant policy in the list, make the changes and save your updated policy

  • To delete a policy: Click on the policy you wish to delete, scroll down and click on Delete policy.

Please note: Policies will not apply to Ride Booker trips.

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