Cancellation fee was not added

A cancellation fee is the compensation that is automatically added to your earnings when:

  • You cancel the trip as the rider does not show after you have arrived at their pickup location
  • The rider cancels after a certain time frame of you accepting their order and driving towards their pickup location. This time frame varies by country/city.

Please note that the cancellation fee is subject to Bolt commission. 

Cancellation is not compensated if:

  • The rider cancels the ride within a certain time frame (2-5 minutes) of you accepting their order
  • You exceeded the estimated time of arrival to the pickup location
  • You marked that you arrived or cancelled far from the selected pickup location
  • You were waiting for the rider far from the chosen pickup location or moved after arriving at the pickup location and before cancelling
  • You cancel at the pickup location before waiting for the recommended 5 minutes
  • The selected payment method is cash
    • Note: In Belgium, France, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Spain and Ukraine, cancellation fees for cash rides may be reimbursed when the conditions above are met. To request a cancellation fee for a cash ride, contact our Support team through this article.

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