Travelling with animals


In some countries, we offer the Pet category. Please check the availability in the app. 

If this category is not available in your city, but you would like to travel with your pet, contact the driver after requesting your trip to ask if they are willing to take your pet along. It is up to the driver whether or not they accept such a trip and you can cancel your request if the driver refuses to do so.

If the driver agrees to take your pet along, be sure to use a carrier for small animals or a seat belt designed specifically for larger animals. Please note that, depending on local regulations, your pet may have to ride in the trunk of the vehicle. It is important that the animal's behaviour does not interfere with driving and that it is clean and well-behaved.

Assistance animal

You have a legal right to be accompanied by your assistance animal when travelling with Bolt.

Please get in touch with us if a driver has refused carriage due to your assistance animal. We take such reports very seriously.

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