Adding a new driver

To send a request for driver activation, please follow these steps:

  • Click on Add driver in the Drivers section or on the control panel in the Driver Portal’s dashboard
  • Enter email and driver’s phone number
  • Enter the driver’s first name and last name 
  • Enter the driver’s date of birth and driver’s driving license number
  • Upload photos of required documents (driver’s license and driver’s personal photo)

After filling out the application for adding a driver, you can view the status of the application on the Driver Portal.

The driver can also fill in their personal information when you send them a link to the application by email. This option will appear after entering the driver's email address and phone number.


  • Typically, a new driver is activated within one business day, provided that all documents are uploaded.
  • Before adding a driver and a car, please make sure that you select the correct section: the regular section for adding drivers with their own cars or the Park section for adding drivers who will be driving cars that belong to you.

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