Driver and document requirements in South Africa

When signing up to drive with Bolt in South Africa, you will need to provide the following documents:

Criminal record check report

  • All drivers looking to be activated must first pass the Huru criminal record check
  • The criminal record check is mandatory and it must be renewed every 12 months.
  • Criminal record checks older than 30 days will not be accepted.
  • The report result has to state “No previous convictions” in order for it to be accepted.
  • See the Huru website for further information about the service and centre locations.


  • A valid South African Professional Driving Permit with goods and passengers is required (G,P)
  • You can obtain this from your nearest licensing departments.
  • You can use Natis to schedule a time to apply for your PrDP.

Profile picture

  • When signing up to drive with Bolt you must provide a standard profile picture that adheres to the following guidelines:
    • Your face should be centered in the frame, with the camera positioned at eye level (a smile goes a long way!)
    • You are the only person in the photo
    • The image is clear and not blurred
    • You aren’t wearing hats or sunglasses; eyeglasses and religious garments are acceptable.
    • Photo is made in well-lit conditions, preferably facing a light source such as a lamp or window.
    • The image has a solid background.

Motor Vehicle Licence Disc with Operator Card

  • Visit the nearest roadworthy centre to request the license disc application form that is needed to submit to the licensing departments.

Inspection report

  • All vehicles in South Africa must pass the Dekra Vehicle Shuttle inspection, please visit your closest branch to complete this.
  • When performing the inspection, bring along your PrDP or ID document, in addition to the motor vehicle license disc with operator card. 
  • Physical inspections should be renewed every 12 months. You will be asked to perform an inspection for the vehicle you're using at the time.

Insurance requirements

  • Bolt facilitates Passenger Liability Insurance for drivers to ensure that all passengers are sufficiently covered in case of an accident
  • When your account is activated, you are automatically registered for the cover. However, you are strongly advised to have a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy to ensure you have financial protection in case anything should happen to your vehicle.

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