About Bolt Balance

Bolt Balance is an in-app virtual payment method that you can use to transact with on the Bolt Food platform. 

To view your balance, click the Payments option in your app. Your balance can be a positive or negative figure and in both instances, will automatically apply to your next order, regardless of the business line. 

Positive balance

Your positive balance may increase when:

  • A refund is made to your account
  • A compensation is added to your account.

Negative balance

When a courier indicates that you could not pay for the order, the value of the order will be added as a debt, creating a negative Bolt Balance.

In case of a failed card payment, you will be charged for it with your new order, regardless of the business line.

Note: If you can't see your balance, either your balance is zero or you are using an outdated version - please update your app in this case.

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Available for iOS and Android devices.
Request in seconds, ride in minutes.