I can't request a ride

If you are unable to request a ride, try selecting a different payment method. If the issue persists, please proceed based on the scenario that applies to you:

  • Blocked account: Follow the instructions of the pop-up message "Your account has been blocked. Please contact us for further details".
  • Incomplete verification: The system may prompt you to verify yourself in-app by following the instructions given. You can request a ride after the security check is successfully completed.
  • Insufficient funds: The system may validate your card with a temporary booking. Make sure that you have enough funds on your card and top up your account if needed.
  • You are outside of the city's operating area: If you see the message "Bolt is not yet available here", then we either do not operate in your area at all, or you are just outside the operating area for your city. You can find all of our active cities on our website.
  • Technical issues: If you are experiencing any, please take screenshots and contact our Support team providing as much detail as possible.

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Request in seconds, ride in minutes.