How to get a receipt for my work

If you use Bolt for work trips and need VAT receipts, you can create a work profile linked to your account. 

To create a work profile:

  • Go to the Work rides tab 
  • Fill in the required information. 

You can also set up your work profile by going to the Payments tab and selecting Set up your Tax Profile

To apply the VAT information to the receipt, choose the Fiscal profile before ordering a ride. You can do this in the Payments tab of the menu. There you will find the option to choose between your Personal and Fiscal profiles.

You will receive the trip’s receipt in your email. You can download it by clicking on Download Receipt. If you cannot find the email in your Inbox or Spam folders, you can request to resend the receipt. 

To request your receipt again:

  • Go to your Trip History
  • Select the intended ride
  • Click on the three dots icon
  • Click on Resend Receipt.

If you’re still having issues with your receipts, please contact our Support team.  

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