Bolt Drive van information

A category B driving license is required to use VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter vans.

Please note that parking zones for cargo vehicles are different. When you're ready to complete your trip, please carefully check the map in the app to see where it's allowed to leave the vehicle. 

Incorrect parking or leaving a vehicle on a private territory can result in receiving a fine.

Vehicle lifting capacity:

  • VW Crafter: 1302 kg
  • Mercedes Sprinter: 944 kg

Vehicle dimensions:

  • VW Crafter: 5986 mm (length), 2040 mm (width), 2590 mm (height)
  • Mercedes Sprinter: 6967 mm (length), 2020 mm (width), 2616 mm (height)

Cargo compartment dimensions:

  • VW Crafter: 3201 mm (length), 1380 mm (width), 1726 mm (height)
  • Mercedes Sprinter: 4307 mm (length), 1846 mm (width), 1555 mm (height)

VW Crafter and Mercedes Sprinter have 3 seats.

When you transport big and heavy items, please secure them with straps so they don’t get damaged and don’t damage the vehicle on the inside while transporting. Straps are not provided in our vans.

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