Ride Booker

With Ride Booker, you can quickly book rides for your employees and guests. You can request a ride right away or schedule it for later from a designated Ride Booker webpage, which can also be accessed through the Company Dashboard.

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Enabling Ride Booker

To get access to Ride Booker, you will first need to have an active Bolt Business account.

Agents, designated by admins, are people who can arrange rides for the company through Ride Booker. The Ride Booker account will be active after the Business admin has created the first agent in the Company Dashboard.

Instructions for creating agents can be found in the Managing accounts article under the Managing administrator and agent accounts section.

Note: If Business admins want to access Ride Booker, they must also add themselves as an agent. Admins can either use the same password as for the Company Dashboard or create a new one through the password setup email received after adding the agent.

How to request or schedule a ride

In the Company Dashboard, go to the Ride Booker tab and click Book a ride. Ride Booker will open in a new tab where you can request your ride.

  • Click on New ride
  • Enter the passenger’s name and phone number
  • Add the pick-up and drop-off addresses
    • If you would like to create a trip with multiple destinations, click Add destination
  • Choose when you would like to start the trip
    • The default option is for an immediate request
    • Scheduled rides can be booked up to 3 days in advance
    • Flexible rides can be booked for a specific day, maximum 2 weeks in advance
  • Optional steps
    • Enter an expense note
    • Enter a note for the driver
  • Press continue and choose the required category
  • Click on the Request button to confirm your order.

If needed, you may cancel the trip in Ride Booker after you’ve booked it. Cancellation fees may apply.

Please note:

  • You can enter up to 4 destinations per trip
  • When scheduling a ride, the actual arrival time may change depending on the situation (traffic, weather, demand, etc.)
  • If there are no available drivers for a scheduled ride, the rider will receive an SMS to inform them about this.

Enabling cash as a payment method

If you wish to enable cash as a payment method, please let us know by contacting us from the Support tab.

Checking your Ride Booker trips

Go to the Ride Booker tab and click Book a ride, Ride Booker will open in a new tab. From there you can check:

  • Rides for today by clicking on Today’s rides
  • All upcoming scheduled rides by clicking on Future rides
  • Your ride history by clicking on Past rides

You can also leave feedback for us about your experience with Ride Booker, which helps us to improve our service for you.

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Request in seconds, ride in minutes.

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Request in seconds, ride in minutes.