AdBlue fluid is low

AdBlue exhaust fluid is required for the optimal use of our diesel vehicles. We routinely check the vehicles and top up AdBlue if needed.

When AdBlue is low, the dashboard shows the remaining range in kilometres. If you intend to use the car for an extended period, you can top up AdBlue yourself:

  • Go to the nearest Circle K gas station with AdBlue available
  • Pay for the fluid with the fuel card (it's behind the sun visor or in the glove compartment)
  • Open the fuel flap and find the blue AdBlue tank
  • Unscrew the tank cap and top up AdBlue fluid (don't pour it in the diesel tank, this can heavily damage the car!)
  • Screw it back securely to avoid any leaks.

If you can't top up AdBlue, or if the level is critically low and you cannot start the car, please contact our Support team via the app.

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