Understanding your balance

What your balance represents depends on if you are operating as:

Fleet couriers

Your balance is not a representation of your platform earnings. To check your earnings, click on the Performance screen. 

Independent couriers

The balance is a representation of your platform earnings. You can find this information in the app from the All deliveries menu option. Alternatively, you can also check your earnings in the Performance screen

  • Positive balance means that Bolt owes you a sum of money that you can receive as a payout. 
  • Negative balance means that you owe Bolt money. If you end your week with a negative balance, you will not be paid that week. Your balance will be transferred to next week and can be increased by successfully finishing deliveries. 

What affects your balance? 

Your balance increases in the following case:

  • When you successfully finish a delivery
  • When you qualify for a bonus or take part in a campaign
  • When you receive a compensation (eg. wait time fee)

Your balance lowers in the following cases:

  • When your positive balance is paid out to you
  • When you receive a deduction (eg. bag deposit) 

Please take note that your balance may not always update in real-time. Any pending balance changes will appear in the All deliveries view with an hourglass icon.

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