Debt and fees

Information about the service fee

Bolt charges a service fee for each trip made using the business payment method. The fee for the previous month is charged at the beginning of a new month.

If your company is using a credit card:

  • The fee is deducted automatically each month
  • The fee is not displayed in the individual trip invoice
  • You will receive a service fee statement for combined rides on the 3rd day of each month. The sum on the monthly statement is for information only and does not need to be paid.

In case of postpaid billing:

  • The service fee is visible in the monthly invoice or statement
  • You don’t need to make a separate payment for the fee.

Information about debt

Credit card billing companies

If charging a company's credit card is unsuccessful, the account will be blocked until the payment is settled. When this happens, an alert will be displayed on the Home and Billing tabs in your Company Dashboard.

You can settle your payment and activate your account directly through the Company Dashboard:

  • Click on the Pay now button in the alert in your Company Dashboard
  • This will trigger the payment, and if it's successful, the account will be active again.

Postpaid billing companies

To avoid debt reminders and ensure that your payment reaches the correct place, please make sure to always add the Reference number to the bank transfer.

In case you forgot to include the reference number, contact our Support so we can check your payment and activate your account. Please include the bank statement as a PDF file.

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