How to handle scheduled rides

Scheduled rides is a premium service for riders that can help you increase your earnings. If you are having issues navigating the feature, check the relevant section below:

Note: Only standard Bolt pricing is used with scheduled rides as custom pricing (where available) is not compatible with this feature.

How to accept a scheduled ride

To browse available requests:

  • Before going online, tap on the New scheduled requests banner on the home screen. Alternatively, you can tap on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) > Scheduled requests
  • Scroll to find the suitable request(s) and tap Accept
  • Your scheduled ride(s) will now be listed under the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) > Scheduled requests > Accepted.* You will see the fixed price, time and required time to go online on the specific Accepted trip.

How to complete a scheduled ride

  • You must be online by the set time specified on the Accepted trip to verify that you are ready to fulfill the scheduled request. Otherwise, the ride will be allocated to another available driver.
  • From this point forward, you are only offered new requests that won’t overlap with your scheduled ride and remain in its vicinity
  • Be mindful of your proximity to the requested pick-up location so you know when to start moving toward it. Tap on Start driving on the home screen when you’re ready to start heading there.
  • Tap on Arriving when you’re at the pickup point
  • Once you have arrived, the rider will have 5 minutes to show after the scheduled start of the ride.
  • Tap on Start the trip only after the rider has entered the vehicle.

Note: The scheduled wait time of 5 minutes will be counted only from the scheduled start of the ride. In case you arrive earlier, the extra time spent waiting is not compensated.

How to cancel a scheduled ride

If you need to cancel before driving to pickup is scheduled:

  • Find the relevant order in your Accepted orders view
  • Tap Cancel

If you need to cancel after driving to pickup is scheduled:

  • Tap on Start driving
  • Tap on Cancel


  • Last-minute cancellation might negatively impact your Driver score, Acceptance/Confirmation rate is not affected.
  • Repeated cancellation of scheduled rides may result in the feature being made unavailable to you.

If the rider does not arrive after arriving at their pickup:

  • Wait at the requested pickup point until 5 minutes have passed from the scheduled start
  • Tap Cancel and the cancellation fee will be applied automatically.

Note: If the rider cancels less than one hour prior to scheduled pickup, the cancellation fee will automatically applied and added to your earnings.

If you continue to experience any issues, please reach out to our Support team via the app.

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Request in seconds, ride in minutes.