How to pay commission in Paraguay

Bolt’s commission is due to be paid on a weekly basis. When you have a negative balance of at least 50,000 Gs, you will need to settle your payment. You can resolve the debt at any Pago Express location.

How to pay commission with Pago Express

To perform a commission payment follow the steps below:

  • Open your Bolt Driver app
  • Click on “Today’s Earnings”
  • Click on “Balance”
  • Click on “Pay to Bolt”
  • You will see an invoice number. With that number, please reach out to any Pago Express and mention that you want to pay commission to Bolt. You will also need to mention the invoice number to the cleark at the front desk.
  • Pay the commission
  • Done! You’re ready again to keep on driving.

Note: Failure to pay commission will result in you getting blocked because you have a debt. You will no longer be able to take cash trips when your balance gets to negative 150.000 PYG. When you pay the commission, you get unblocked immediately.

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