Monthly tax summary is not clear

What is a monthly tax summary?

The monthly tax summary is a breakdown of your earnings and balance deductions from the previous month.

Important: The summary is not considered an official tax document and can be used for informative purposes only. Please contact a local tax advisor or accountant for advice on your personal tax obligations.

Where to find monthly tax summaries?

You can find all summaries in the Tax Reports tab in the Driver Portal.

What do the summary elements define?

  • Fare Breakdown***:*** Gross sum of trip fares, booking and toll fees before commission deduction
  • Other Income Breakdown***:*** Any bonuses and/or tips earned throughout the previous month
  • Other Potential Deductions***:*** Commission fees, refunds, and any other deductions made throughout the previous month.


  • Bolt commission is calculated from the Gross Fare sum and does not apply to bonuses and tips
  • In case the earned bonus exceeds the Bolt Fee, Bolt Fee is marked as 0.

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