DAC7 and required partner details

All new Bolt partners in EU, Norway and the United Kingdom are asked to provide their valid taxpayer identification info (TIN) either upon registration or within 60 days of account activation when requested by Bolt. This is for the purposes of reporting to tax authorities according to DAC7.

In case valid information is not submitted within that time frame, the account may have to be suspended and/or payouts stopped until the required info is provided and validated. For more info, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.


  • The name and format of TIN varies by country as well as partner type (individual vs legal entity or business). For EU countries, Norway and the UK, please refer to the information below.
  • If you have TIN-s from other countries besides where you are working in, please provide them all.


Individual TIN (name + format)

Legal entity TIN (name + format)



Steuernummer (St. Nr.), Format: 99-999/9999


Numéros d’identification fiscale (NIF) = Numéro National (NN), Format: 99999999999

Numéros d’identification fiscale (NIF) = Belgische ondernemingsnummer, Format: 0999.999.999 


Osobni identifikacijski broj (OIB), Format: 99999999999


Αριθμός Φορολογικού Μητρώου (ΑΦΜ), Format: 99999999L

Czech Republic

Daňové Identifikační Číslo (DIČ), Format: 999999/999 or 999999/9999


Maksukohustuslasena registreerimise number = Isikukood, Format: GYYMMDDSSSC

Maksukohustuslasena registreerimise number (KMKR) = Registrikood, Format: 99999999


Verotunnistenumero =Henkilötunnusta, Format: 999999(+/-/A)999(L/9)

Verotunnistenumero=Y-Tunnus, Format: 1234567-8


Numéro fiscal de référence / numéro SPI, Format: 99 99 999 999 999

Numéro SIREN, Format: 999 999 999


Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer (Steuernummer)

same as Identifikationsnummer (IdNr.)

Format: 99 999 999 999

Steuerliche Identifikationsnummer (Steuernummer)

same as business identification number (Steuernummer)

Format: 21/815/08150


Adóazonosító jel, Format: 999999999

Adószám, Format: xxxxxxxx-y-zz


Tax Identification Number = Personal Public Service Number (PPS No) or CHY (non-natural person), Format: 1234567T or 1497955KA or CHY 1234

Tax Identification Number = Tax Reference Numbers (TRNs), Format: 1234567T or 1497955KA


Nodokļu maksātāja identifikācijas numurs (NMIN) = TBC, Format: 38XXXX-XXXXX or 121212-XXXXX

Nodokļu maksātāja identifikācijas numurs (NMIN), Format:

  • 9000xxxxxxx (issued by SRS)
  • 4000xxxxxxx or 5000xxxxxxx (issued by Register of Enterprise)


Mokesčių identifikavimo numeris = TBC, Format: 99999999999

Mokesčių identifikavimo numeris = Juridinio asmens kodas, Format: 999999999


Tax identification number (nationals) (TIN) = Identity card number, Format: (0000)999L till 9999999L

Or Taxpayer reference number, Format: 999999999 (non-EU nationals)

Taxpayer reference number (TRN/TIN), Format: 999999999


Burgerservice Nummer (BSN), Format: 999999999

BTW-nummer = VAT, Format: NL999999999B99


Nasjonalt identitetsnummer or D-nummer, Format:99999999999

Organisasjonsnummer, Format: 999999999 or 999999999LLL (VAt-liable entity)


Numery identyfikacji podatkowej (NIP) = PESEL, Format: 99999999999

Numery identyfikacji podatkowej (NIP), Format: 9999999999


Número de identificação fiscal (NIF), Format: 1xx xxx xxx or 2xx xxx xxx or 45x xxx xxx (non-residents)

Número de identificação fiscal (NIF), Format: 

  • 5xx xxx xxx (corps and public entities)
  • 6xx xxx xxx (state entities)
  • 70x xxx xxx or 71x xxx xxx or 72x xxx xxx (inheritances, corporations, non-residents, investment funds)
  • 90x xxx xxx or 91x xxx xxx (irregular companies and others)
  • 98x xxx xxx (corps and non-residents without permanent establishment)


Numerele de identificare fiscală (NIF-uri), Format: 9999999999999

Numerele de identificare fiscală (NIF-uri), Format: 9999999999


Daňové Identifikačné čísla (DIČ) = Rodné číslo, Format: 9999999999 or 999999/999(9)

Daňové Identifikačné čísla (DIČ), Format: 9999999999 or 999999/999(9)


Número de identificación fiscal (NIF), Format:

  • 99999999L  (natural persons with DNI)
  • L9999999L (non-resident without DNI)
  • X ó Y ó Z 9999999 (foreigners with NIE)
  • M9999999L (foreigners without NIE)

Número de identificación fiscal (NIF), Format: L99999999


Skatteregisteringsnummer (TIN) = Personnummer or Samordningsnummer (not registered in Swedish public records), Format: Format: 999999–9999 or 999999+9999

Skatteregisteringsnummer (TIN), Format  



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