What prices are displayed?

Following the EU Omnibus Directive, you’ll now be able to view the following prices for discounted items in the Bolt Food app:

  • Regular price;
  • Current discounted price;
  • 30-day lowest price.

The 30-day lowest price includes any possible discounts in the last 30 days. You’ll only see this if it’s lower than the current regular price.

You can read more about the new pricing structure by tapping the information symbol next to prices in the app.

Some discounts in the Bolt Food app only apply to selected groups of users based on their order history and activity. For example, a restaurant or Bolt may give a discount to new users.

The Omnibus Directive requires presenting consumers with the lowest selling price in the last 30 days. So, we calculate the lowest price based on all possible discounts for all users.

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