An open letter to the entire food delivery industry

Apr 8, 2024

The Unshakeable Bag

Dear competitors,

You must be wondering why we’ve gathered you here today.

Before we answer, we’d like to draw your attention to this GIF of a chicken holding its head still while a man moves its body around in circles.

Now, the food delivery industry has a problem: unforeseen road incidents that can lead to food spillage. And while up to 99.79% of our deliveries arrive intact, 0.21% can indeed be subject to the aforementioned, very regrettable circumstances.

But back to the chicken. Did you notice how stable its head is?

Our innovation

We turned this natural phenomenon into a product innovation. Based on state-of-the-art gyroscope technology, the Unshakeable Bag keeps the internal food platform (i.e., the chicken’s head) stable, even during the most abrupt movements (i.e., the man’s hands). 

the Unshakeable Bag

To test it, we asked freestyle snowboarder and ex-Bolt Food courier Marko Malsub to deliver an order at a snowpark. Not an ounce of cola was spilt.

Our offering

With the power to disrupt the entire food delivery industry, the Unshakeable Bag is too powerful to be owned by any one company. 

So, we’re making our designs open source for the benefit of food delivery customers worldwide. Just download the Unshakeable Bag designs:

We believe everyone should enjoy a perfect meal, regardless of which app they order it from. And we know that you agree. Join us, and let’s end food spillage — for this generation, and the next. 

“Liberté, égalité, no spillagé,” as the French say.

Bolt Food

In case of questions, reach out to us on

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