Bolt earns Rider’s Choice Awards nominations in 3 categories

Nov 14, 2023

We’re excited to be nominated for the 2024 Rider’s Choice Award in 3 categories — Best Operators Company, Best Ride-Hail & Carshare Company, and Best Food & Grocery Company!

We don’t do it for the awards, but are grateful for being recognised!

So, read on to see why it’s a big deal for us and how we ensure our products aren’t just award-worthy but also worthy of our users.

But first:

What is the Rider’s Choice Awards?

With 85 categories and over 1900 eligible participants, the Rider’s Choice Awards by Micromobility Industries celebrates companies operating in the industry of small electric vehicles. 

Micromobility Industries — a media platform running the awards — showcases the transformative potential of small e-vehicles in urban environments.

Their mission is to “track, measure, and highlight this expanding industry of small vehicles”.

In 2022, Bolt won the title of the best Ride-Hail & Carshare Company, and this year, in addition to being nominated in the same category, we’re competing in  2 more — Best Operators Company and Best Food & Grocery Company!

So, let’s see what these categories cover and what we do at Bolt to excel in each area.

1. Best Ride-Hail & Carshare Company

Bolt ride-hailing services

The Best Ride-Hail & Carshare Company nomination is for companies that let people share cars through ride-hailing or short-term rentals (in addition to micromobility vehicles).

And Bolt fits the description perfectly!

We have over 100 million users in 45 countries and 500 cities globally, offering ride-hailing, car-sharing, micromobility, and food and grocery delivery services. 

On offering ride-hailing for over 100 million users

We strive to make our ride-hailing services as accessible as possible without compromising on safety. 

Here’s a glimpse of our features* to keep riders and drivers safe before, during, and after trips:

  • Audio trip recording lets drivers and passengers record audio via the app during a ride, discouraging inappropriate behaviour, enhancing safety, and helping us and the local authorities in resolving potential disputes.
  • Our ‘Rider Rating’ feature allows riders to be rated like drivers — ensuring everyone on the Bolt platform is treated fairly and respectfully
  • Our 24/7 incident support for drivers and riders ensures help is available when it’s needed most.

*Bolt products and features vary by country.

On launching car-sharing services as an alternative to car ownership

Bolt Drive for Rider's Choice Awards

In 2021, we launched a car-sharing service — Bolt Drive — encouraging convenient transport options over personal cars, which sit idle 92% of the time.

Our users have already seen how shared vehicles help them cut down their transport expenses, and some are even willing to give up their personal cars.

We’ve since expanded Bolt Drive to 3 more countries — Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany.

2. Best Operators Company

Companies that operate fleets of shared micromobility vehicles in cities are eligible for the Best Operators nomination.

At Bolt, we believe convenient and accessible micromobilty — including scooters and e-bikes — can change habitual behaviours and transform cities from car to people-centric. 

So, we’re twice as excited to be nominated for this category!

To make sure our micromobility services are safe for all road users, we constantly develop industry-leading safety features, such as our latest Reckless Rider Score and Rider Academy, for educating scooter riders and penalising reckless behaviour.

Thanks to this continuous development, in 2022, 99.997% of Bolt scooter rides were incident-free.

3. Best Food & Grocery Company

The Best Food & Grocery Delivery nomination is for services specialising in last-mile logistics for meals and groceries. 

At Bolt, we have Bolt Food for food and Bolt Market for grocery delivery.

Our food delivery service, Bolt Food, was born in August 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

It was launched to serve people who needed to order in food and help businesses stay open and operate.

In 2021, we launched Bolt Market — an on-demand online store offering everything from fresh produce to household essentials.

Today, Bolt Food operates in multiple cities and countries across Europe and Africa. 

And one of our latest exciting developments is teaming up with Starship Technologies to transform the way food and grocery deliveries are made!

Vote for us!

Again, we don’t do it for the awards.

But if you do like our services and think we deserve recognition, please consider voting for us on the Rider’s Choice Awards webpage.

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