Safer. Smarter. Stronger. Meet the new Bolt 6 scooter

Jul 13, 2023

Safer. Smarter. Stronger. Bolt 6

We’re excited to introduce our new, sixth-generation scooter, the Bolt 6!

Based on extensive city feedback, the Bolt 6 has numerous sensors, microprocessors, data mining capabilities, and precision technologies. These help it set new benchmarks for safety, sustainability, and user experience.

The first sixth-generation scooters will hit the streets of Lisbon, Riga, and Tallinn by the end of July 2023. And this blog’s all about why it’s good news for all — cities, riders, and pedestrians.

The brains for keeping riders and pedestrians safe

The safety of all road users is paramount to us. That’s why Bolt 6 is fully compatible with all Bolt SafeRide System features and can recognise tandem ridingskidding, and abrupt braking while identifying collisions in real time.

Thanks to Bolt’s Advanced Micromobility Intelligence System (AMIS), our new scooter accommodates a cutting-edge intelligent module with enhanced IoT, which includes security features for riders, pedestrian safety, and data protection.

The technology-packed Bolt 6 generates warnings and automatically schedules itself for maintenance. So all scooters are always in their best technical condition.

Tackling parking issues and keeping city streets organised

Scooters and e-bikes take up a fraction of city space compared to cars. But, if parked carelessly, they can block access and hinder pedestrians.

We’ve equipped Bolt 6 with the Smart Parking 360 solutions package to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Smart Parking 360 solutions include an AI parking system which verifies photos of parked scooters in real time. Our technology leaves nothing to chance. Scooter sensors detect tilts of more than 15%, alerting riders to safely repark to avoid falls.

Setting new standards for more sustainable micromobility 

Vandalism-resistant batteries for long-haul rides

We were committed to building the most sustainable shared scooter in the industry.

So, we equipped the Bolt 6 with a 1.1 kWh high-range battery designed to resist vandalism and go up to 90 km on a single charge.

That means more time between charges, fewer battery replacements, and less need to transport scooters to warehouses. All of which results in a lower carbon footprint for our scooter operations.

Our battery technology also allows easy monitoring while a scooter’s in use or idle.

Prolonged scooter lifespan

Based on the rigorous fatigue tests, we expect our newest scooter model to last 8 years!

All scooter parts are replaceable, making the Bolt 6 easy to repair. It also ensures seamless operation throughout its lifespan. Plus, all electronic components are IP67-rated. 

Designed for safety and comfort

We focused on achieving a comfortable posture and seamless riding experience when designing our new scooter.

With the widest in-class floorboard, a larger 12” front wheel, front suspension, and a more ergonomic curved handlebar for stable and safer steering, Bolt 6 is built to help riders overcome obstacles.

With its battery under the floorboard and, thus, a lower centre of gravity, Bolt 6 offers greater stability, better weight distribution, and more space for riders.

A user-friendly LED display highlights basic information, including speed, battery level, and turn signals. It also gives riders real-time location visibility, including no-go, no-parking, and low-speed zones, so they can keep tabs on their trip and make any adjustments.

If you want a scooter done right, do it yourself

At Bolt, we have control of our technology and developed Bolt 6 in-house. Our engineers have complete authority over the firmware and hardware, making it easy to roll out updates and features without relying on third-party suppliers.

Designing a scooter in-house gives us complete control over software and hardware, enabling us to continuously upgrade safety features for riders and pedestrians.

Owning the whole scooter development and production process also means stricter quality control and higher safety standards.

At the same time, we don’t overpay for supplier and manufacturer margins, allowing us to forward cost savings to customers through more affordable scooter rides.

Dmitri Pivovarov, VP of Rentals at Bolt

Making cities for people, not cars

We’re rolling the Bolt 6 out gradually, building on our existing safety features and developing new ones that make the most of our rapidly advancing vehicle technologies. 

We’re excited to keep pushing boundaries as we continue our mission to ensure cities are made for people, not cars.

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