Optimising our scooter logistics with Cargoson

Aug 15, 2023

Bolt scooters at a warehouse

We launched our first scooters in 2018 in Paris, France and rapidly expanded into new cities and countries. This fast growth meant we had to find better solutions for every aspect of running our micromobility business, and logistics management was no exception.

To keep track of all shipments, be it scooters or batteries, and effectively communicate with our transport partners, we sought a software solution that would give us a holistic view of our logistic processes — and after careful consideration, we chose Cargoson.

Why we’ve partnered with Cargoson

Cargoson is an online freight management system. It’s particularly adept at streamlining logistics processes. 

Their Transport Management Tool (TMS) gives us a clear overview of all shipments in a single intuitive dashboard.

Cargoson dashboard, bolt

Before Cargoson, contact with our transport partners was largely handled through e-mail. As our business grew, this approach proved ineffective. 

Cargoson’s solution provides a one-look overview of all shipments. Their software lets us see our transport volumes, export data, and compare transport partners. 

We’re now able to efficiently cooperate with more logistics service providers in our daily freight management:

“Before Cargoson, we had to communicate with our transport partners individually, so we didn’t always send inquiries to relevant potential carriers. Cargoson’s tool allows us to send requests at the touch of a button, so we involve a wider range of partners.” 

– Helen Erg, Logistics Manager at Bolt.

Cargoson also tailored their software to our needs, helping us create a user-friendly Workday Enterprise Management Cloud and Cargoson TMS integration, thus cutting down on manual tasks and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Sharing a common vision for innovation and sustainability

Of the partnership, Matthew Austin, Head of Logistics at Bolt, said: “Providing people with high-quality, safe shared scooters and e-bikes comes down to having all the right pieces in place at the right time.” 

He continues: “Cargoson’s freight management software has helped us streamline our logistics while allowing us to stay frugal and have an overview of our logistical processes available at the tap of a button.”

Cargoson’s co-founder Tanel Vaarmann remarked on the collaboration: “We’re thrilled to have partnered with Bolt, a company that shares our vision for innovation and sustainability. We’re confident that our solution will continue to help them streamline communication and make informed decisions as they grow and expand their services.”

Making cities for people, not cars

Bolt’s mission is to make cities for people, not cars, by offering convenient alternatives to car ownership through ride-hailing, micromobility, car-sharing and delivery services.

Once people discover the simplicity and convenience of using a shared vehicle, they’re more likely to continue to opt for one instead of a car in the future.

If you, too, are ready for a change and want to contribute to making your city cleaner and tidier, choose a more sustainable transport option instead of your car next time you need to go somewhere.

Need a ride? Get Bolt!

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