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Our team works to develop and deliver the best B2B experience possible for our thousands of clients. Our goal is to ensure businesses can access Bolt’s product offerings in a way that adds value, enhances their employee and customers’ lives, and makes Bolt the default choice for companies worldwide. Our team has some of the brightest minds in the game, and amazing people across sales, account management, and business development.

Our teams

Sales Operations
Our sales Operations team is divided in two. Our Inbound Sales team handles all organic signups from the Bolt website. Our Outbound Sales teams drive our growth machine by reaching out to businesses, building sales pipelines, meeting clients, pitching, negotiating, and closing deals.

Meet our people

Edna Liseth Tuur, Account Manager in Estonia

Having that human touch allows us to truly understand a client’s needs and offer the correct response.The main goal of an Account Manager goes far beyond customer support, it’s about building trust with clients.

Edna Liseth Tuur
Account Manager in Estonia
Luís Gonzaga, Business Sales Development Manager

Our Bolt Business team isn't just fun - it strives for professional development. One of the things that I truly appreciate is that my colleagues constantly challenge me in a positive and constructive manner. They help with inputs so that I can reach my targets while maintaining a work-life balance.

Luís Gonzaga
Business Sales Development Manager

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