If your company has an active promotion, the value shown in the app is already discounted when the business payment method is selected. For instructions on how to select the business payment method in the app, please see the article for the relevant app you are trying to use:

To check if the discount is working for the company’s business payment method, you can select an alternative payment method in the app (e.g. personal card) to see if the trip price is higher.

Applying a promo code

The promo code should be applied automatically when clicking on the advertisement. If you are just signing up, you can enter the code in the relevant box on the application form.

In case the promo code wasn’t added automatically, enter the code through the Company Dashboard:

  • Click on Promotions in the Billing tab
  • Click on the Add a promo code button
  • Enter your code and click Apply

After the promo code has been added, the Business admin should receive an activation email. In case you can’t find the email from your inbox, make sure to check the junk folder.

The status of the promo code is also visible on the Company Dashboard under Promotions.

Note: If the details aren’t immediately visible, please wait for 1 business day, as it can take some time for the data to sync in the system.

Issues with a promotion

The details of your company’s current and previous promotions are displayed in the Billing tab under Promotions.

To establish why the promotion is not working, please see the possible reasons:

  • Code duration: The code has a set validity period, which has now expired
  • Discount cap: You reached the cap for discounts, so any further trips will not be discounted. Please note that the cap takes into consideration the original price of the trips and not the discounted amounts.
  • Trips: You reached the maximum number of trips that the campaign can be used for

In case you need specific details regarding your promotion, please get in touch with our Support team by opening the Support section.

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