How to place an order

To place your order on the Bolt Food app, set your address/building name to view available restaurants in your vicinity. 

Tap on the restaurant you would like to order from and add item(s) to your basket. When you have finished selecting the items, click the View basket banner to see your order specifications. Here, you can confirm your order, remove items from the basket, add a message for the restaurant and toggle to choose the delivery method: 

  • Delivery: courier will be assigned to deliver the order to your address. Small order and delivery fees may apply. 
  • Pickup: you have to fetch the order from the restaurant yourself. Please note that this option is only available for selected restaurants.

When you are satisfied with your basket and settings, proceed to checkout, add delivery info and pay for your order. 


  • Once the order has been confirmed, there is no option to cancel, amend or switch the delivery method from pickup to delivery and vice versa. It is also not possible to change the chosen payment method.

Request in seconds, ride in minutes.

Available for iOS and Android devices.
Request in seconds, ride in minutes.