Annual vehicle inspections and background checks in South Africa

To operate on the Bolt platform, you must complete the following on an annual basis:

  • Your vehicle must pass the Dekra inspection to ensure that it meets Bolt quality standards
  • You must complete a Huru criminal record check in 48 hours at the nearest Huru location.

You will be notified when your vehicle inspection or background check expires. You will have two weeks from that notification to complete the inspection check and 48 hours to complete the background check. 

Please note that failure to complete the inspection check will result in you being unable to receive orders. Failure to complete the background check will result in your account being blocked.

What is needed to complete the inspection and background check?

Vehicle inspection Background check
  • Cost: R230 (including VAT)
  • Card payment only
  • You will need to supply the correct vehicle documentation.
  • Cost: ranges from R250-R500 (including VAT) - for up-to-date pricing, please check with your local Postnet or Jetline store
  • Cash and card payments are accepted
  • You must have your PrDP with you and a valid ID document:
    • South African citizens: A valid South African ID document
    • Foreign Nationals: A valid passport

Please note that Bolt does not cover repairs or maintenance to pass the inspection.

Once you have completed the inspection/criminal record check, you'll receive a PDF copy of your report via email. Please submit it through the driver portal or during the sign-up flow.


  • If you want to change the vehicle at the time of inspection, please add a new vehicle on the driver portal
  • Level-1 BEE registration is also possible when getting your inspection done.

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