About the Provider Portal

The provider portal is available for you to:

  • Check your sales, orders and ratings overview
  • Download item and order CSV reports 
  • Download weekly invoices and sales reports 
  • View your detailed order history
  • Adjust menu item availability:
    • Available: Bolt Food users can see the item in the in-app menu
    • Sold out today: item is not available today but will be the next day
    • Sold out indefinitely: item is no longer available to order
    • Hidden: Bolt Food users will not see the item in the in-app menu
  • Edit operating times.

Please use the login link to access the portal. Use your Bolt registered email address to complete the sign in. If you do not have or have forgotten your password, click the Request new password option and follow the prompts. 

If you would like to change or update specific menu items, please contact Support via the app.

Request in seconds, ride in minutes.

Available for iOS and Android devices.
Request in seconds, ride in minutes.