How to add a menu item

You can add a menu item in one of two ways: 

From the Category

Click My menu:

  • If the category is empty, click the +New Item button beside the category name
  • If the category has items, click the dropdown icon then the +New Item button.

From Items option

  • Click Items
  • Click +New Item button
  • Fill in the relevant fields
  • Click the Create Item button.

When adding a new item, please remember to:

  • Add a photo of the item 16:8 (1280x640, max 10MB) - optional
  • Use clear, short text to name your item e.g. Full Breakfast.
  • Use the Description text field to add longer length information about the item e.g. Ingredients: scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans, fried mushrooms and toast. Try to maintain a consistent tone and style for all your item descriptions.
  • Add the price with VAT (if applicable)
  • Add the SKU (optional)
  • Indicate if the item needs to have an age restriction (i.e. alcohol, energy drinks, etc.)
  • Add the category 
  • Add all applicable tags (Spicy1 (mild), Spicy2 (medium), Spicy3 (hot), Very spicy (extra hot), Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free, Lactose free (no dairy), Kosher, Halal, Contains alcohol, Children (suitable for persons 12 and younger), Includes bottle deposit (items that have a container deposit legislation) and Popular (for your best selling items)

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