Rider made a mess in my vehicle in Finland

If a rider made a mess in your car, don’t confirm the final price. Instead, report an issue with the price, choose the relevant reason and add a comment if needed. Please also provide the following information:

  • At least three clear photos of the stains. The images should contain the timestamp and show the closeup and the zoomed out picture of the mess.
  • Ride details and a short description of the situation.

After the stain is cleaned, also send us a photo of the receipt for the service that includes:

  • The name and details of the car cleaning company
  • The services provided (i.e. car-cleaning) and the cost of service.

Our team will review the report and follow up with the rider. Depending on the provided information, if the rider disputes the claim, compensation may not be issued. Please note that compensation requests that were not reported as described above will be declined.

The sum of compensation is based on the incident assessment:

  • 50 EUR: small interior contamination or moderate exterior mess (e.g. minor food or beverage spills, minor bodily fluid mess, dirt)
  • 150 EUR: moderate interior contamination (e.g. larger food or beverage spill on fabric or other hard-to-clean surfaces) or major interior bodily fluid mess
  • 200 EUR: mess that require cleaning the space between the window and the door or air vents.

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