Airport trips in the Netherlands

Bolt is available for trips to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Pricing and fees

Airport trips have regular metered pricing. The airport fee is applied only to trips from Schiphol and is automatically reflected in the fare estimation. 

Pick-up and drop-off

Pick-ups are facilitated in the designated App Pick Up area, accessible via the C-lane. For drop-offs Arrivals 1 to 4 can all be used.

Waiting area

There is a designated area that can be used to wait for new orders. To access the Schiphol P41 - Taxis area, check-in via the intercom and you'll be admitted based on your vehicle’s registration number and added to the virtual queue for incoming Schiphol requests.  

Note: Waiting for orders in the drop-off or pick-up areas is prohibited. Such activity is registered and may lead to you being removed from the Bolt platform.

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