How to create a promotion

Restaurants can create and track promotions using the Partner Portal. These promotions are visible to all users and apply a discount to the whole menu. 

To create a promotion:

  • Click Promotions in the menu
  • Select the +New Promotion button:
    • Choose the Promotion type (Menu discounts, Free Delivery)
    • Set the promotion details (start and end date - max. 30 days)
    • Review the promotion, then click the Publish button.

Once published, the promotion will appear in the Promotions view. You will see active, scheduled and completed promotions on this page. Promotions are listed in descending order according to their start and end dates.  

A new promotion can be set up every two weeks. Please note that if more than one promotion is running at the same time, the promotion with the higher discount will apply. 

Note: If you do not have this option in your portal, please contact your account manager. Kindly note that there are qualifying criteria to gain access to the feature.

Discarding a promotion

If you need to discard or stop the promotion before its end date:

  • Click Promotions in the menu
  • Choose the relevant promotion 
  • Click the Discard promotion button
  • Select the Discard option. 

Please note that if you discard a before its end date, you won't be eligible to create new promotions.

How to track promotion performance

You can check the number of customers, orders and sales figures for each promotion.

To do this:

  • Click Promotions in the menu
  • Choose the relevant promotion

Performance indicators are updated on a daily basis. 

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