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Information about billing types

With credit card billing:

  • A deduction for the trip price happens after each ride
  • There is no need to make a separate payment. All company rides are charged to a single card.
  • No credit check is required.

With postpaid billing:

  • You will have monthly credit to use
  • If you reach the credit limit, you won’t be able to order a ride with the business payment method
  • Each month, you will receive a single invoice, and all of your monthly travel will be charged at once. Please make the payment by the 15th of the month to renew the credit.
  • When making the bank transfer:
    • Ensure you have inserted the correct bank details and reference number that are provided on the invoice
    • Determine whether you should use the international or a local bank transfer option.

Changing your billing type

To see your current payment information, click on the Billing tab in the Company Dashboard.

If you have added only one of the billing options to your Company Dashboard and want to switch to another one, you will first need to add the other payment method to the Dashboard by clicking on the Add payment method button:

  • To add a credit card billing option, click on the Add payment card button, fill out your card details and click on the Add card button.
  • To add a postpaid billing option, click on Contact the sales team, provide your company Registration and Tax ID number and submit your request.

If you have already added both options to the Company Dashboard, you can switch your preferred payment method by clicking on the Edit button under Billing type in the Summary.

Adding or removing a credit card

To add a new credit card:

  • Click on the Add payment method button in the Billing tab
  • Fill in the card details
  • Click on the Add card button.

To remove a credit card:

  • If your business account has only one card, you won’t be able to delete it. Please add a new card and make it the primary payment method first. After that, you’ll be able to remove the previous card.

If you’re still unable to remove the card, contact our Support team. Please include:

  • Your company’s name
  • The last four digits of the card you tried to remove
  • Description or a screenshot of the error message.

Failed payments

If charging your credit card is unsuccessful, ensure that:

  • The card isn’t expired
  • The card has sufficient funds
  • The card’s limit isn’t exceeded.

In case all requirements mentioned above are filled, please approach your bank. If the error is resolved, you can retry the payment directly through the Company Dashboard:

  • There's an alert displayed on the Home and Billing tabs
  • Click on the Pay now button in the alert
  • The payment will be triggered, and if it's successful, the account will be active again

In case of an unsuccessful payment with postpaid billing, reach out to our Support team so we can check your payment. Please include the bank statement of your payment as a PDF file.

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