Bolt Business Coupons: issue discounted or fully-paid Bolt rides

Feb 8, 2024

Create and send Bolt Business Coupons to give your clients or partners discounted or fully-paid rides in the Bolt app.

Issuing coupon codes gives you a convenient way to:

All you need to get started is a Bolt Business account, where you can also manage corporate ground travel for your whole company.

💡 If you already use Bolt Business, coupons allow you to support the travel costs for people you haven’t added to your Bolt Business account.

How Bolt Business Coupons work

When you issue a coupon to somebody, they’ll receive a code by email, which they can copy and paste into their Bolt app. The level of discount they get, which country they can travel within, and the validity of the coupon are all set by you.

Issue three types of coupon

You can split the payment of the ride with the person travelling in one of three ways:

  1. Unlimited: the receiver can take any number of rides within a set spending limit.
  2. Percentage: covers a set percentage of the ride, up to a certain amount (a 25% discount on a ride that costs no more than €5).
  3. Fixed amount: covers a set monetary amount for the cost of the trip (a coupon worth €5).
A person redeeming a Bolt Business coupon in the Bolt app.

Making Bolt Business Coupons

Before issuing your coupons, you need to create them, And you have complete control over everything.

You can create coupons online by logging into your Bolt Business Company Dashboard and choosing Coupons from the left-hand menu. You can create coupons from this screen, track their usage, and cancel them. 

If you don’t have a Bolt Business account, you can sign up online in minutes.

To create new coupons, select Create Coupon. Creating and issuing your coupons is split into three parts:

  • Give your coupons a name and set a validity period;
  • Set the terms of usage;
  • Distribute your coupon codes.

Let’s go through the process of creating coupons in detail. 👇

1. Add general coupon information

Start by outlining some initial details: 

  1. Give your coupon a name (the person you send the coupon to will see this name).
  2. Select which country the receiver can use the coupon.
  3. Choose a start date and time.
  4. Add an expiration date and time.

2. Set the terms of usage for your coupon codes

Next, choose the number of coupons you wish to create (you can create coupons individually or in bulk) and set a spending limit. 

Each coupon can offer a percentage discount or hold a specific monetary value.

You’ll then see a record of all the coupons created, the total spent, and the status: upcoming, active, cancelled, or expired.

3. Issue your coupon codes

Once you’ve made your coupon codes, it’s time to send them out. You can either do this manually or automate the process.

To distribute the coupons manually, you will have access to a spreadsheet containing all the coupon codes. You can then send each code to the relevant person as you please. 

By automating the process, you need to provide the email addresses of your recipients as a CSV. We’ll send each recipient a Bolt-branded email containing the coupon code, saving you a job.

Start issuing digital coupon codes with Bolt Business

Creating coupons that offer discounted or fully-paid rides in the Bolt app will help engage employees, attract new customers, and grow your business.

To start issuing coupons, you need a Bolt Business account — sign up online in minutes.

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