Introducing Wait & Save — the low-cost way to move for flexible commuters

Feb 6, 2023

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If time isn’t an issue, but you still want the safety and comfort of Bolt rides, try Wait & Save. This new feature offers a more affordable ride option if you’re on a flexible schedule.

What’s Wait & Save?

Wait & Save’s a new Bolt app feature that lets you save on rides if you’re willing to wait a little longer for pickup. 

It’s ideal if you’ve got a flexible schedule, want to save on rides, or enjoy going with the flow.

When can I use Wait & Save?

The feature’s available at times of increased demand when drivers are busy and prices rise.

Instead of paying more, or checking the app for when prices drop, Wait & Save lets you request more affordable rides, but with longer arrival times.

How much can I save?

During our first 31,000 Wait & Save rides, passengers saved 40% and got picked up in 20 minutes on average.

Take advantage of Wait & Save when you’re not in a hurry, and you could pay up to 50% less than prices at times of high demand! 

How to order a Wait & Save ride

  1. Open the Bolt app during times of increased demand;
  2. Add your destination;
  3. Tap the Bolt ride category to open a dropdown list;
  4. Choose the Wait & Save option;
  5. Confirm your ride;
  6. Wait for a notification with your driver’s arrival time.

The Wait & Save option is only available when there’s increased demand. During this time, the Bolt ride category will display two price options — one for regular pick-ups in minutes and the other if you choose Wait & Save.

The Wait & Save feature also displays the estimated maximum pick-up time. But make sure you’re ready because drivers may become available sooner! So far, average pick-up times have been six minutes earlier than estimated.

Make sure your notifications are turned on, so you’re not constantly checking the app to see when the driver’s arriving.

Bolt Plus

Another way to save and get picked up faster is to join Bolt Plus — our monthly or yearly membership service. 

For a monthly subscription fee, you can enjoy several benefits, including:

Price protection — pay less, even when it’s busy;

Priority pick-ups — when you request a ride, you’ll go to the top of the waiting list;

Premium chat support — live chat with a dedicated support specialist anytime;

Birthday offers — get discounts on the most important day of the year;

Early access to new features — be the first to try the Bolt app’s hottest updates as soon as they’re ready;

Nationwide coverage — get these benefits whenever you order a Bolt ride in cities across the country.

For subscribing, open your Bolt app, tap the Menu icon and follow the instructions.

Still waiting for the price to drop?

Stop staring at the screen. Try the Wait & Save feature, pour yourself a cup while you wait, and let us find you a cost-effective ride.

Good things come to those who wait. But if you haven’t already, download the Bolt app today.

download the bolt app

The Wait & Save feature will be rolled out gradually.

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